Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Color Inspiration " Pomegranates In Bloom"

 Today I thought I would share with you my favorite flowering bush of the season where I live. It feels so tropical when these bushes bloom, but they are not tropical they are native to the Iranian Plateau and the Himalayas in north Pakistan and Northern India. They are vibrant with color, yet feel so cool in the heat of the day. I could look at them for hours due to the ever changing blooms which then turn into pomegranates.

These flowers start from a round bud that is hard like the shell of the pomegranate.

 Then they burst open like a star exposing their soft vibrant orange petals. 

When they are at full bloom you can see the centers and their bright yellow stamens just bursting with pollen which the bees and birds love! There is nothing like finding a humming bird feeding on these beautiful flowers if only I could capture a photograph of that!

The history and lore around the Pomegranate flower and fruit is quite fascinating. Here is an amazing illustration of the  plant. If you want to find out more about this plant and its history visit Wikipedia.

  Theresa Huse 2010

I am inspired to draw and paint some more pomegranate flowers and later when the fruit comes I would like to try and illustrate the fruit also. I am sharing two links to prior posts you might also enjoy with pomegranate's painted by me, and one has a journal prompt.

Since I missed giving you a journal prompt since it was Father's Day about about revisiting this journal prompt page where I illustrated pomegranate flowers as an example of a page you can create for yourself & with a prompt. 

Also you might remember from a previous post an Exotic Woman Acrylic Painting I created with pomegranate flowers in her hair. If not you can see it here.

Here is part of a passage from the Bible I am not sure from where, it might be Exodus if anyone knows I would love to find out.
I went down into the garden of nuts to see the fruits of the valley, and to see whether the vine flourished and pomegranates budded.

What flowers inspire your creativity? Are their colors vibrant? soft?  I would love to know~


  1. Dearest sweet Theresa, these blooms are really gorgeous and that color is just vibrant! Just beautiful! Your painting back in 2010 is gorgeous and i am looking forward to see more of your beautiful blooms painting!
    Thanks so much for your sweet kind words on my little corner. I am a book lover too! About 90% of my books on my shelf are japanese craft books and magazines. :) The rest of the 10% are english books and some of them are listed on my "Books i'm loving" section to the left column on my bubble space. :D But sharing my books sounds like a wonderful idea. I will try to figure out something along with this new series i'm starting "Corners of my creative space". :) Love to you!


    Have a lovely merry happy mid-week sweet friend! Love to you!

  2. Hi Jacqueline! Thank you for letting me know about the spot to view the books your enjoying & thanks for the studio clean up inspiration. I am glad you enjoyed seeing the blooms. Its been quite around here lately. A lot of people must be out enjoying summer. I'll visit soon, Theresa


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