Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fall Colors

Most designers for fashion and home are working on seasons ahead. Watching trends, setting trends and creating our newest colors. I love seeing all the fall colors it is always been one of my favorite seasons. So I couldn't resist doing a little fall color inspiration today.

Photography by AehoHikaruki

The reason I chose this photograph was it had almost all the colors of fall minus deep plum and silver. Maybe I will do those next week. What you will find this fall is Taupe s, Yellow Mustard s and Dark Teal. I think this may be my favorite fall color palette, ever. That is big as I love color! 

Click above image to Enlarge to see full view

I called this pattern I made Fall In Paris. I just knew I loved it when I saw it! Maybe fabric for window curtains or a bag who knows. Or maybe just printed and framed on a wall. 

So when it comes to color it can affect our choices from fashion, home decor and  new paint colors as they pop up and its always good to see what is new, even if you are late looking!  I haven't been shopping this fall but when I spotted this outfit I was in love! I hope you are enjoying fall colors as much as I am. 
PS: If you would like to see and download  a copy of the color fashion report for fall visit Pantone.

What is your favorite fall color this season? I'd love to know. 

Do the seasons affect your paint color choices when creating?  

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