Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mother Nature

Hello, I finally have  some beginnings of art to show you.  I thought I would practice a little on some faces and then inspired from my trip to Tahoe I just added in some nature elements. Yes, I am a nature lover! When I was a teen I wanted to work with various organizations, I was very passionate. Then life takes you on different journeys but I always like paying homage to my love of nature via my art.

This is just a pencil sketch with humble beginnings with my thoughts.

I love layering, gesso and painting and although I may start out with a sketch I always seem to travel on.

Thus the morphing continues. She is made with scrapbook  papers, pencil, color pencil, acrylic paint, gesso, matte medium on Canson mixed medium paper. I am longing for a trip to the beach, it has been intensely hot inland and I am a coastal girl at heart. I need breezes, cool air, pine trees and the ocean, destination Cambria. So I hope we make our way there this weekend prior to Sammie's start of school! I promise some photography from the coast and sharing mother nature when she is done!

What are your favorite places of nature?


  1. Awesome sketch and love the mixed media elements you've added

  2. Thanks Joni! I appreciate you dropping by and the lovely comment! I will post it completed soon!
    xo Theresa

  3. isn't she lovely,, beautiful, my favorite spot in nature would be a very private spot in the park where not too many go.Its an enclosed little spot surrounded by cedars and its just so quiet, all one can hear are the birds and the wind.

  4. Dearest sweet Theresa, this painting is really beautiful! It's so cool and i love seeing your process! Loving those pretty polka dots too. :) My favorite places of nature would be at my papa's vegie garden or at the flowers garden/park! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!


  5. oh, Laurie & Jacqueline, how lovely your favorite nature spots sound! Thanks for your lovely words and visit! xo Theresa


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