Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Raindrops Keep Falling

Today it is raining here! I love the smell of the fresh rain on the earth and plants, the feel of the humidity and when the rain isn't a cold rain I love it even more!

Droplets, Natures Acrobatics

 Theresa Huse 2011

 Theresa Huse 2011

I just love to see how the droplets fall onto the plants, watch and wonder how they stay sitting balanced upon leaves and petals. I also love the Fuchsia against the green leaves. And the color palette cream, fuchsia and green. Outside so grey yet indoors with my paints so colorful.

 Theresa Huse 2011

This photograph of Narcissus is one I took this past spring, just after a rain. What I didn't know at the time is there are varieties that bloom in the fall! I must look what varieties they are as I can hardly wait to see them bloom again and plant some new varieties to bloom in fall for next year. The above link is to Wikipedia if you want to see its history, lore, information......

I just loved this photograph I saw. I have always loved the rain.

Do you stop, look, listen and feel the rain?

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  1. I like rain as well, but I love thunder... I find it soothing somehow.

    Regarding the fawn boy, yes I do have prints! They're small photosized though, but I will try to get some A3 sized prints as well. Glad to see you're interested~ ^-^

    // -T.W-


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