Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Musings & No Sew Tutorial

I have some photos of a lovely winters walk. With the lack of rain the leaves still are on some of the vines in all their glory and color, a few winter's musings and where you can grab my tutorial. 

Beautiful Healdsburg, CA.
On another day we took a walk with Audrey to the park. I showed her a raised garden bed they had and we talked about plants, she smelled herbs and discovered nature.These moments captured are precious.

Speaking of precious meet my new little grandson. Sometimes it is hard to believe I have kids old enough to have kids. I am so lucky to be young enough to enjoy this and old enough to appreciate it even more.

 Jade is all ears for Sammie to come home from school and she patiently waits until she is done with her homework to play. Our kitty is growing into a cat, but still is very playful. 

I do have some new drawings and such to share later this week. I need to charge the camera and have proper daylight to snap the photos, edit and then I'll be ready to share. I made a tutorial for Pin cushion-sewing kit it is a no sew tutorial and I used wide mouth mason jars on DearCreatives today if your interested hop over, take a peek and bookmark it for when your ready to make your own. Hope you are having a great start to your week! xo


  1. Lovely post Theresa! A lovely walk, and a good visit with your new grandson! Congratulations! I too have a new grandson. They are so precious!
    Your pin cushion is fab, I love that it has the jar to hold things underneath. I just made a little vid tut on a pin keeper using mason jar parts too! But it is much different. I haven't put it up just yet but will soon. I am going to go look at yours.
    I hope you are well and enjoying winter.

  2. Hi Terri, Congrats on your daughter having a boy too. I can't wait to see your tutorial. I just might have to feature you & it in addition to mine on the site Keep me posted! Its been a colder than normal winter, caught a few colds, but am on the up & up! You as well. Take care, xo Theresa


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