Thursday, January 12, 2012

Deer Girl & Paint Party Friday

Hi! I wanted to play along with Paint Party Friday. Have you ever joined in? If not you can grab the link here,visit the other artists and count your self in when you have something you painted to share. I decided to work a bit on my drawing this year along with my painting. So I am going to share my sketch and then how it looks painted.

You know how I love nature. So I decided to create a deer girl and nature scene. Here is the sketch.

First she had fawn spots but then when I took the first photo it just didn't look right in the photo. So I worked over her face a bit really quick. I might work on her some more, but she needed to dry. I am good for tearing wet paper. I love working with lots of layers.

Here is the little scene all painted. I used water colors to brush up and learn some new skills. Ya, not my favorite. Kudos to all you watercolorists, as I know it takes some mad skills! But one thing I love about playing like that is I added white acrylic into the sky & then I really liked how it turned out. And little details here and there with color pencil. This was created with pencils, water colors, acrylic paint, colored pencil & love.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and new year. My shop is open and slowly adding things and I hope to update it this weekend. I am busy crafting too. And of course organizing! Yep, somebody has to do it. Have a great weekend and be sure to leave me a comment so I can return the visit! I'll be so happy to see what your creating! And in case you didn't see my New Year Journal Page and post it is here. But here is a snip it.

This is a new year, with new opportunities & unexplored creativity waiting to be nurtured. Envisioning my dreams onto canvas & bringing it to reality is filling my soul; Creating from the place of my heart.~ Theresa Huse 2012

What are you focusing on creatively in 2012?


  1. So cute I can picture her running through the woods :) Loving your 'snippit' too! Happy PPF :)

  2. your snip looks amazing and yes...your girl looks like something out of the lord of the

  3. Loving deer girl. Happy PPF, x

  4. I really LOVE your New Year Journal Page!
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook

  5. Deer girl is so creative and love your journal page ~ great expressions of your creative style ~~ thanks, namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  6. Cute and imaginative! Love it! :-)

  7. Your "Deer Girl" is awesome. Great journal page and also the sky came out great. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Beautiful!
    for 2012 I'm following a yearly e-course. Exciting!

  9. Wonderful Deer Girl!
    Reminds me of Frida Kahlo's self portrait as a deer.

    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  10. Beautiful deer girl, lovely fantasy!

  11. What a "dear" girl- I like her expression and the little landscape you created around her. I've been playing with water colors too lately and yep so very different for me but kind of fun. Looks like you've been having fun with it too!
    Happy PPF,

  12. very nice. I too can see this creature running through the woods.

  13. I really like how you placed your deer girl in a landscape...that's something I need to work on. Love the New Year's journal page too, it's so happy and hopeful.

  14. how fun and whimsical! love it! happy PPF!

  15. It is so fun to see and read more about your process! I love the text you've added to your journal page :)


  16. Very cute. Your jounal page is great. Happy New Year!!!

  17. Love love your deer girl and the journal page is beautiful too!


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