Friday, March 13, 2009

March is W omen's History Month

We might be inclined to forget about W omen's History Month
But the fact is we must remember all the challenges we as women have over come. I know for me personally, professionally and artistically that I must never forget how special our predecessors have been. I even have fond memories of those ladies who have touched my life to help my journey who have no claim to W omen's History Month. There is so much history about I am in awe of the accomplishments of so many women who are acknowledged in our history.Women that needs to be passed on to our daughters and their daughters.
So whether you are sharing history of women or current women to aspire to remember to visit a few sites, read a few books, celebrate your women artists and others. Not only in March but every chance you get. Share them with your daughters, female friends and even strike up conversations of awareness with your male counterparts. We must continue to change with the times and contribute on a level that will make a difference whether it be in big ways or small ways. Here are a few sites to share to inspire your search on the History of Women. I encourage you to take a visit and share your experience.

National Museum of Women in the Arts

W omen's History Month from Princeton Online -
Worlds of Women Online (Artists) project
Women Artists Books
W omen's History Month from CTA-
2009 W omen's History Honoree's -
More reading-

Women Artists An Illustrated History
By Nancy Heller @

I hope you are inspired to take a copy the sites and take a look around the web. There is so much to view and absorb.
Please let me know who inspires you.
~ Have a wonderful weekend~ Theresa

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