Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am sharing with you a journal page I did based off a smaller acrylic painting in another journal. This is done with acrylic paints and colored pencils. I will take pictures of the other smaller pieces I have done soon. (either when the sun is back or I figure out what is going on with the flash on my camera.) I think it is common to struggle with your art goals and how to work it in to a realistic business plan or is it just me? I am planning on taking a class to help me sort out my goals and see what my options might be. I am still planning on opening an Etsy shop. I hope to do that soon!! Any name suggestions? Or should I just use my name? I will be selling prints of some of my photography, art and also some original work. I might have to give a prize to the one who comes up with a name I like! I would love you to give me some ideas!!
Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions. ~Edgar Cayce


  1. Super beautiful! Yay!! And lovely message about dreams! Yay..congrats that is fabulous! Wishing you many blessings in your ventures ahead..Fantastic!!! I think you can definately align your goals and create some magic..go for it!

    yay..i hope you come up wiht a name you love..If i have any ideas I'll share!using your own name is quite powerful too! Wonderful!! and exciting! I will have a shop too for my painting in time..when i learn how to do everything( properly photogrpahy art )! Such a learning curve at times..but all part of the journey!!
    Blessings to your new vision, shop and space to share your gifts! yay

  2. Hmmm, No idea what to call your etsy....although I think your name would be nice since they are your creations and it puts your artistic name out there!

  3. I totally agree with using your name for your shop name. You are the artist designer. It seems to me most artist use their name to sell their work. I think any other name would be faddish. Your name will always be around.Good luck on opening your shop and all your goals.
    have fun!

  4. Absolutely use your name. You're brand-able. When you get all rich and famous, you'll be glad you did.

    Thanks so much for your support, I can't believe you found me from another blog! Was it my own? HA!

  5. Greetings from Malaysia again! Just want to say thank you for dropping by my blog on my SITS day. Thank you again and hope to see you back here sometime! :D

    Warmest Regards,
    Jenny aka I'm a full-time mummy

    Btw, I think you should use your name! It sounds fantastic, unique and artsy! :D


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