Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mixed Media on Wood Work In Progress

just starting with the molding paste
laying my cut out girl on scrap papers to see general direction
Waiting for the molding paste to dry / glued on flowers (more goodies getting glued on when dry)
close up adding molding paste
It began with this ~ *notice the girl at top right ends up being a fairy on left side

Oh, I must say I could see my hubby saying those chicken legs on her head! lol Not the look I was going for on my mixed media artwork. But I wasn't going to toss her in the whatever pile yet. So I thought I would share the journey of experimenting with you and post final pictures soon so you can see the end results of my mixed media piece. To start I sketched her out and then used colored pencil to define areas of my painting. Truly unhappy with her hair I decided to use molding paste to try to recover my dislike. I love the idea of adding texture to other elements of the painting too. Mind you when I played with the papers I didn't end up covering all the wood and didn't intentionally rip and sand some of the paper but that is what happened. So I let the organic flow just keep happening. I am glad I continued to let it happen. I used scrap papers, dried flowers, German cut paper, collage girl turned fairy from Artchix studio, cotton lace, golden wings, acrylic paints, colored pencils and molding paste. Do you ever work on something determined to see it to the end even when it starts out not going well? Or do you toss it in or paint right over the whole thing? Patience~ more pics to come soon I promise!
It was when I found out I could make mistakes that I knew I was on to something. ~Ornette Coleman

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