Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Angel of Love

angel en caustic mixed media painting on canvasDetermined to do some new work on canvas that I purchased I pulled the canvas out last week and this is what I have been working on. This angel of love is an acrylic paint, altered scrap paper, dried flowers, glitter and some embellishments. I am toying with adding more wax to certain areas to enhance area as if I was using paint. I love seeing how something evolves when you don't have a concrete plan of any sort. I must say I enjoy using blues and reds together with white. When I took the photograph the sun was shining on the painting like an arch. I didn't paint that in, although it would of been amazing to add it but this is after it is waxed that it appeared and I caught it. I might sell prints of it both ways. Sometimes things just happen and that was something I was in awe of in the moment and was so happy I was able to capture that ray of light! Has anything happened to you while creating that feels like a sign? Or that it was meant to be a certain way?

Mixed Media En Caustic Painting of an Angel
If you seek an angel with an open heart, you shall always find one.-- Author Unknown

To see an angel, you must see an other's soul.

To feel an angel, you must touch an other's heart.
To hear an angel you must listen to both.
-- Author Unknown

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