Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Folk Art Mixed Media

folk art mixed media en causticThis is a folk art mixed media that I waxed. So I am showing a photo collage of before and after.I had gotten 5"x5" size canvas and this is what I came up with. A few hearts are strung through a small clip and then the rest are glued as if she is dropping them to brighten someone's day. The words are the definition of the word "brighten". I kind of went glitter crazy, but it did say brighten. She was painted in acrylics, I used glitter and flakes and there is tissue paper glued and painted over. Dear readers I hope she brightens your day~

How Blessings brighten as they take flight ~Edward Young


  1. She made me smile! (However I think I need chocolate and tea/or coffee to make my day very bright! lol)

  2. The angel is fabulous! I can't wait to do my first waxing! I am Cyndi/frstyfrolk with Junk Gypsies too so I follow you with your trailer too.


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