Friday, February 10, 2012

Video " Painting In My Journal" All That Jazz

I posted this on You Tube, but if you don't subscribe to my channel you probably missed it. I just edited this journal video last week. You can see me painting "All That Jazz". It has lots of layers. If you would like to see the original post its right here with more details. I hope you enjoy the video.

I will be back next week with some photography from the botanical gardens in San Luis Obispo, CA. The flora looks so much different in winter, but there are things starting to blossom. You are sure to enjoy them if you like nature!

Here is a snap shot of the original completed. I tried to add it here for you to see, but Blogger hates me and won't let me add it! That is why I will be moving off this platform soon!  Until next time, or visit me at too! I have a weekly link up you can join in! Love to have you there too! All my best, xo


  1. Great video! I enjoyed seeing how this developed.

  2. Interesting video and a very interesting and captivating fellow. Thanks for showing your steps in the creation of your art piece. Lovely work.

  3. i love watching someone paint... always fun. Great piece!
    Thanks for sharing. xoxo

  4. Found me very interesting to see how you work. Saludos

  5. Great video!

    What browser are you using Theresa? Using Chrome I've never had a single issue with Blogger unless everyone was down. Using IE - well.... lots of quirks there.

  6. Wonderful! I love seeing how other artists work!

  7. Always fun to see otherws create.
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  8. Thanks everyone for your visits & comments. My apologies for my late comments & visits! xo Theresa


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